Interview with Hebys CEO Mustafa El Aliwat

Hello Mr. El Aliwat. Before discussing Hebys, we would like to get to know you briefly. Who is Mustafa El Aliwat? In which schools did he study? What kind of experiences he has in business life until the Hebys journey began?

Hebys is a platform operating in the NFT space as a Search Engine and Marketplace. How did the idea to present such a vision emerge? What dynamics in the NFT space led you to establish such a company?

Hebys has a solid multichain infrastructure supporting five leading blockchains. What do you think is the importance of having such a basis in the NFT space?

Are you satisfied with the progress of Hebys? Has the recent months’ stagnation in cryptocurrencies and NFT space affected your plans?

Hebys has integrated the VRF feature of Chainlink, one of the leading companies in the blockchain industry. How do you expect Chainlink VRF to contribute to Hebys?

What was it like to partner with a global leader in the blockchain industry like Chainlink? Can you share this process with us?

What plans do you have for Hebys? What kind of innovations will Hebys users meet?

What advice would you give to someone interested in NFTs today?

Are there any challenging aspects of your job at Hebys with your daily life?

Finally, we guess you spend most of your time in Hebys. But what do you like to do in your free time? What hobbies do you have? Thank you. :)



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NFT Search Engine providing data for all NFTs on multiple blockchains, marketplaces and metaverse.