Hebys Leaves Behind the Malicious Bot and Recovers Many Assets in the Investor’s Wallet

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2 min readOct 14, 2022

Shortly before, hackers seized an Evox Capital investor’s wallet, along with the keys. A malicious bot was instantly transferring any amount the investor deposited into the wallet to another account. Further, the investor could not move the NFTs in the wallet because of the bot.

Hackers were sending every amount deposited in the investor’s wallet to their own account via a bot that instantly transferred the amount received from one wallet to another. During the research, we observed that the bot transfers the incoming amount to the other account in about 4 seconds.

There must be enough native tokens in the account to be able to pay the gas fee in return for a transaction on the blockchain. Therefore, it was necessary to send some native tokens to recover the ERC721 tokens in the wallet. Moreover, we had to be faster than the bot to solve this problem.

When we examined smart contracts, we realized that the batch transfer method of ERC721 is active in existing tokens, and we can use it. We practiced dozens of transactions on the Testnet and wrote a script for the transaction. We have created a sequential and fast code block with a special configuration for this script to run faster than the malicious bot.

Batch processing is a method of automatically running jobs scheduled for a specific time, often without user interaction. The main purpose here is to ensure the jobs that need to be done with one click and automatically sequentially through the script created with the commands.

We had to transfer some native tokens from another wallet to the wallet instantly followed by the bot, and then trigger batch processing. At this stage, where even milliseconds matter, we created our code using Web3.js. Thanks to the batch method and our effective code block, we left behind the malicious bot and recovered a large number of unrecoverable assets in the investor’s wallet.

As Hebys, we always stand by our community. We are always open to communication for our main goals, such as being visible and accessible. We think that only in this way a community, and ecosystem can be built. We are always ready and by your side to build together. We hope this sets a good example within the ecosystem, and we will not stop until our message reaches all who want to build together.

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