Hebys NFT Marketplace opens the way for making a Launchpad application with a faster, easier, and more simplified interface compared to other platforms in the NFT space. Hebys offers a solid multi-chain infrastructure with five blockchains, and provides the most comprehensive experience for projects in the NFT space.

NFT projects can quickly deploy their collections on available blockchains using Hebys’ audited smart contract securely in a user-friendly interface. NFT projects must follow four simplified steps to make a Hebys Launchpad application. The first step is to complete the section “About Your Project”. Projects should add essential information such as “Name, Description, Chain, Token Protocol, Collection Contract Address, Number of items in the Collection, Website URL”. Projects should also upload “Logo” and “Cover” images to proceed to the next steps.

The second step for Hebys NFT launchpad application is to provide “Official Links”. NFT projects should add their social media accounts such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Medium here.

The third step is to clarify the details of the NFT Collection’s mint process. Projects should add the “Expected Mint Date” and specify the amount expected to be raised with the launch on Hebys in USD.

The last step is to provide contact information about the NFT project or the project owner such as “Name”, “E-mail Address”, and “Telegram Username”.

You can use this link to access Hebys official social media accounts.



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