HEBYS Discord’s New Features

The Hebys team continues developing new features and advantages for users and community members every day. The team plans to grow the community thanks to innovative bots, statistics, and games on Discord. Read the article to learn more.

HEBYS NFT Search Engine
2 min readNov 12, 2022

NFT News

NFT News bot is online on Hebys Discord channel. Thanks to the bot, community members can follow the most up-to-date, proper, and critical news about the NFT space. It can be defined as the “newspaper of the server.”

Mint Reminder

Mint reminder bot provides the project names, mint hours, and necessary links of the NFT collections to be minted on that day. You can check these projects daily at 09:00UTC (12:00 Turkish Local Time).

Wallet Tracker

Wallet tracker bot presents the purchased, sold, minted, and listed NFTs of leading NFT “whales.” Hebys team has integrated the wallet addresses of whale investors into the bot to make easy of community members NFT trends tracking experiences.

You can find and use the above-mentioned new bots and features of Hebys Discord channel now. They are all live! There are also more developments on the Discord channel very soon.

Listing and Sales Bot

Hebys team will integrate listing and sales info of 10 projects from Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Thus, community members can easily achieve instant development of chosen projects. Hebys team will also present some surprises for users about the selection process of projects.

Raid and Reward System

Community members will earn some rewards and achieve the whitelist spot opportunities from collaborated projects by the raid and interact with Hebys’ tweets.

NFT Statistics

Hebys team will create room for tracking the bluechip NFT holders’ new investments. In the room, community members will see necessary links to connect with the NFTs of bluechip projects.

Stay tuned to catch more innovations in Hebys Discord channel and become an active community member to achieve various opportunities.



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