HEBYS Annual Report 2022

HEBYS NFT Search Engine
4 min readJan 12, 2023


Hebys NFT Search Engine & Marketplace was launched on August 15, 2022, after nearly two years of detailed preparation. Hebys continues to serve users in the NFT space with its beta version.

Hebys Indexes over 143 million NFTs

With its multichain infrastructure, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom, Hebys has become the search engine that offers the most robust data in the NFT space, thanks to the developments and collaborations implemented from August 15. Hebys currently indexes over 3.8 million NFT collections and over 143 million NFTs. Hebys not only indexes such big data, but also offers detailed filtering options for quick and accurate searches.

Chainlink VRF Integration

Hebys has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Oct 5. By connecting the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, Hebys have access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to help fairly distribute NFTs for collections launched on the platform. The integration creates a more exciting and transparent user experience, as users can have stronger assurances that NFTs launched on the Hebys are distributed using verifiable randomness.

Platform Developments

Hebys has continued to develop the platform to provide a better NFT experience to users. The developments, announced on October 6, aimed to offer users an easier, more immersive, and safer experience. In this sense, new features have been added to the “portfolio” page, all NFT prices on the platform are allowed to be displayed in USDT equivalent, and the crypto wallet Bitkeep has been integrated into the platform.

In developments announced on October 26, the Hebys team has focused on powering the application’s performance to increase users’ experience browsing the Hebys web page by ending the thread regarding the Cancellation Token (Abort Controller). The team has developed a system that cancels auto-initiated API requests for users to experience the Hebys platform using their resources most efficiently.

As the content increased a lot, Hebys developers created a filter (NSFW-Not Safe For Working) for inappropriate images. This way, users can make such contents appear ‘blurred’ when searching.

Hebys team has defined social media links and info of many collections for quick access. In addition, users can directly switch to the page of the contract in the Block Explorer (Etherscan, BSC Scan, Snow Trace, etc.) on the detail page of a collection.

Community Activities

Hebys announced some decisions in October to improve communication and ties with its community. For this purpose, the Hebys Telegram group was transformed into a form where only announcements would be shared, and users were moved to the Hebys Discord channel to contact more directly with the community. Hebys also began holding regular voice chats on the Discord channel and Twitter Spaces. The Hebys team continues to answer questions from users, inform the community, and increase engagement during AMA sessions every week.

Hebys’ Twitter followers have exceeded 9,000. The Discord channel also has more than 2500 community members. In addition, Hebys has announced cooperation with 35 new projects in 2022.

Hebys participated in the major blockchain events to present its vision and connect with other builders despite the ongoing bear season. Hebys full team appeared in “Eurasia Blockchain Summit” on October 8 and “Istanbul Blockchain Week” on November 14. Also, Hebys CEO, Mustafa El Aliwat, talked about “Are NFTs all about monkeys?” at the Eurasia Blockchain Summit 2022. You can watch the full video on YouTube.

Hebys has been sharing content regularly since August, keeping its community informed about blockchain and NFTs, as well as providing transparent data on the progress of the platform. During this period, more than ten articles were published on the Hebys Medium page. In addition, the team kept community engagement high via Twitter floods to provide key insights and tips on the NFT space. Finally, it was decided to present all these contents and new articles to users in a more organized way with the “Blog” page created on the Hebys website.

Alchemy Dapp Store Listing

On December 23, Hebys was officially accepted to the Alchemy Dapp Store. Alchemy is the platform layer needed to empower developers to build great applications that tap into the blockchain revolution. Users can view Hebys’ brand new company page on Alchemy: https://alchemy.com/dapps/hebys

Final Thoughts

We know that both the global economy and the cryptocurrency market (and, indirectly, the NFT space) are going through tough times. However, we believe this is a reasonable development period for companies that have an innovative ideas and are trying to build their platforms with all their might. As Hebys, we trust our innovation, our team, and our community. As explained in this report, we have continued to add value to our platform, vision, and community since August.

We will continue to develop Hebys and contribute to the NFT space with the same determination in 2023. We understand how those who witnessed the infancy and development of the internet decades ago felt by being in the blockchain and NFT world right now.

As a result, the internet is developing, the blockchain is growing, and our lives are changing. Those who can not adapt to this change miss the boat. You may have missed Google’s innovative vision for the internet as a search engine. However, Hebys presents a similar vision for NFTs and allows you to witness this evolution. Discover the growth of NFT space with Hebys, and don’t miss the boat this time!



HEBYS NFT Search Engine

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