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5 min readOct 23, 2023


Software Development

As you know, a lot has happened between June 30 and October 23, 2023. During this time, the number of indexed NFTs on Hebys.io has grown rapidly to over 274 million, and collections have surpassed 4.98 million. All of these are being continuously and automatically pulled from the chains and made available to you shortly.

We continue to move forward in line with our 2023 roadmap.


  1. Performance

Our database is continuing to grow rapidly and has reached terabytes in size. As a result, a large part of our technical work is to maintain system performance.

2. Advert

Revenue from advertising is one of Hebys’s targeted revenue streams. A few months ago, developments have begun to prioritize this infrastructure and generate advertising revenue as soon as possible. As a result of the developments, Hebys’s advertising infrastructure has been formed and ready to use. Here are the details:

Start advertising;

The order process is initiated by clicking the “Create Ad” button from the dashboard.

We select the type of ad we want to give from the modal that opens. You can find detailed information about ad types (where, how it will look, etc.) in the information box below the ad types.

After selecting the ad, we enter the information about that ad. You can give the information required for each ad type. Or you can give another ad like the one in the image below.
By checking “Stand out more price”, you can make your ad stand out more if you pay more.
You can resize the image you selected with the crop feature.
You can add multiple products to the cart, delete them, select from the products in the cart, and continue shopping. You can update the product in the cart.
You can apply a discount to the products in the cart.
You can delete all products in the cart.
After approving the cart, you can add a new address on the page that appears, or you can select one of the addresses you have already added before. If you have added an address before, the last address you added will be displayed as selected.
After selecting the billing information, you must select the currency you will pay with. Until this stage, the currency of all ad types and durations is USD. We currently only offer payment with cryptocurrencies. If you don’t have enough cryptocurrency in your wallet, click the “Buy Crypto Currency” link, and you can add cryptocurrency to your wallet from the page that opens.
If you have enough cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can proceed with the transaction. After selecting the currency you want to pay with, we give you 10 minutes. During this time, you can make your payment by taking advantage of the specified rate.
After completing these steps, you make the payment by clicking the “Payment” button.
When we return to the dashboard, we can see the details of our order, the number of clicks and impressions of all our orders, and the ratios. We can also filter our orders by time periods.
If we want to give the order again, we can add it directly to the cart by clicking the “Add to cart” button. And we can also examine the order details by clicking the button on the left side of the “Add to cart” button.
If you want to give a Sponsored Badge ad to an NFT or Collection quickly, you can click the “Advertise” button on those pages.
After listing an asset for sale, we added the suggestion “Give an ad to sell it faster”.
We ensured that the ads given are published in the required places according to the ad type.

3. zkSync Integration and Co-Marketing

The necessary infrastructure developments were made for the indexing of the zksync network, and zksync was added as the 6th to the indexed networks.

4. Verified Collections

We checked thousands of collections and verified them. Our number of verified collections is over 6762 as of now.

5. SEO Work

We updated the robot.txt file to allow bots.

We updated the sitemap.xml file.

By adding the canonical tag, we ensured that the default URLs are specified.

We separated and updated the properties of each page, such as title, description, social media title, and social media description.

6. Translations

Some missing translations in Turkish and Spanish on some pages have been completed.

7. And many other corrections and improvements have been implemented.

Community Activities

1. Of course, our activities are not limited to software development. We continue to produce up-to-date and permanent content for you on social media. We also participate in many events to grow our community.

2. We will continue our live chats as we have been doing. In addition, our Turkish agenda evaluations will now be with you. We will provide information flow more frequently.

3. Since June 30, 2023, we have made 70 Twitter posts. We aimed to keep our community updated on the developments in Hebys with our Twitter posts and to raise awareness of the NFT field through informative floods.

4. We have published 3 new blog posts on our blog page. https://hebys.io/blog

5. The whitelists of our NFT collection, which we will release in the future and will include many advantages, continue to be distributed. Don’t forget to join our publications and follow us.

6. Our Twitter follower count has reached 11,000. We have over 2,600 community members on Discord.

7. We are also increasing our communication with other communities. Our followers can follow these developments through our Discord and Twitter channels and access various opportunities within the scope of our collaborations.



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