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6 min readMay 2, 2023


Software Development

Here is our Activity Report covering our software developments and community interaction between March 15 and April 30. Hebys has indexed over 184 million NFTs and over 4.4 million NFT collections today. All of these are continuously and automatically pulled from the chains.

We also continue to progress in line with our 2023 Roadmap:

  1. Polygon Assets’ Price Estimation

The machine learning-based price estimation we first introduced for Ethereum NFTs is now eligible for the Polygon network. Don’t forget that we need the price history of the relevant asset to make estimations.

2. Crew3 / Zealy

On April 7, we published our Zealy (ex Crew3) page and dozens of interesting quests. Our community members can earn points and access $HEBYS rewards by completing tasks on Zealy. 111,111 $HEBYS pool ($6,666 on public sale price) just reserved for our community! Our quests are still live and renewed regularly!


3. Ethereum Node

We are currently indexing all NFTs and NFT collections in five chains. We cover more than 95% of NFTs thanks to our multichain infrastructure. Our node provider is Chainstack. We also set up our own Ethereum node for backups. We will back up the other chains as well.

4. Zero Priced Listings

Some collectors put their NFTs for sale at zero-price to give them away for free or to advertise them. These were not displayed in the previous price filter and ‘Low to High’ price ranking. You can now view all zero-priced NFTs and catch deals.

Also, if you don’t want to see zero-priced NFTs, you can use the price filter.

5. Portfolio & Assets

Sometimes there were NFTs and NFT collections not listed in your portfolio. We have done a detailed study to minimize them.

If you have invisible NFTs in your portfolio, you can get support via the ‘Refresh My NFT List’ and ‘Collection Request’ buttons.

6. Rounding

We have improved the decimal sensitivity of rounding on some pages, such as NFT detail, Activity lists, and Listings. Previously, decimal rounding was done for 2 digits; now, it is increased to 5.

7. Search Filter & Sorting By Price

In the filtering by price, only the active selling price (Current Price) was taken as a basis. But since many NFTs do not have a current price, the results did not reflect it. We have implemented a development in this regard. The last selling price will be considered if the NFT has no current price.

8. Search By Special Characters

While doing free-text search, we were not getting optimum results when searching with special characters such as “#.” We’ve made improvements in this regard.

Also, you can always apply more detailed filters within a collection.

9. Listing-Offer-Bid Management

We have improved the speed and usefulness so listing and offers/bids (Accept-Reject-Cancel) can be managed more efficiently.

10. Translations

Missing Turkish and Spanish translations on some pages have been completed.

11. Scroll

On collection and NFT pages, there was no automatic scrolling up when another collection/NFT was selected from within the page or from the search->auto-suggest section in the header. We solved this problem.

12. Big Integer

In our system, we kept numerical data such as price as Big Integer. Since massive numerical data was pulled from blockchains and marketplace APIs, we’ve made extensive improvements to keep it as a String instead of a Big Integer.

13. Floor Price

We have made improvements to instantly update the floor price of an NFT collection at any price change.

14. Change Listing Price

You can more easily change the price of an NFT you put up for sale.

15. Indexed NFTs

After the NFTs detected in blockchains and marketplace APIs are recorded in our system, all metadata and token URIs are checked and displayed in the search results if sufficient data is provided. We’ve tighter this control and filtering to provide you with high-quality data.

16. Advert

Advertising revenues are at the forefront of the revenue models we target. We prioritized this infrastructure and started developments to generate advertising revenue as soon as possible.

17. Rewarding

We are very pleased with the campaigns and rewards at Zealy. However, as an alternative, we continue to develop our infrastructure for robust campaign and reward management. When completed, you can easily track how much $HEBYS you earned and your balance. Also, you can claim your earnings at any time and withdraw them to your wallet.

18. Verified Collections

We checked and ‘Verified’ thousands of collections. We have more than 6000 verified collections today.

19. Also, we have implemented many more fixes and improvements.

Community Activities

Our activities are not limited to software development. We continue to create up-to-date and stable content for followers on social media. In addition, we take place in many events to grow our community.

  1. We are getting closer to our TGE every day. We work in detail for the long-term plans of Hebys and the benefit of our community. We held meetings with many global companies and crypto exchanges during this process. We want to share that we are still in talks with three notable exchanges. You do not doubt that we will make the right decision for Hebys.
  2. We regularly continue our voice chats on our Discord channel and via Twitter Spaces. We focus specifically on our Turkish community and global audience to keep communication at the highest level. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels.
  3. We aim to keep our community up-to-date on developments in Hebys and to raise awareness of the NFT space. We have shared 79 Twitter posts since March 15, 2023. We also held 7 voice chat sessions during this period.
  4. We published three new posts on our Blog: https://hebys.io/blog
  5. The whitelists of our NFT collection, which will be published soon and contain many advantages, continue to be distributed. Remember to participate in our live sessions and follow us.
  6. Our Twitter followers have approached 40,000. We also have more than 2,400 community members on Discord.
  7. We continue to increase our interaction with other communities and announce new collaborations. You can follow these developments and access various opportunities through our Discord and Twitter channels.



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