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5 min readMar 27, 2023


Many developments took place between January 1st and March 15th. We have decided to take a break from our live broadcasts and AMAs for a while due to the massive earthquake in Turkey, where many of our team members are. Hebys communicated with aid organizations in Turkey and delivered various materials to places declared priority in the earthquake zone. In addition, our volunteer friends joined rescue organizations and helped actively work in the field.

Hebys has indexed 180 million NFTs and over 4 million NFT collections in this process. All of these are continuously and automatically pulled from the chains.

We also continue to progress in line with our 2023 Roadmap. https://whitepaper.hebys.io/roadmap

  1. Infrastructure Upgrade

Our comprehensive infrastructure upgrade, which we have been working on for about four months, has finally been completed. It helps us in various ways:

  • We can index more NFTs faster.
  • Search results will seem quick.
  • It will be easier to integrate non-EVM chains such as Bitcoin and Solana.
  • We’ve improved our system hosted on Microsoft Azure and auto-scaling in case of overload.

2. Verified Collections
We checked and ‘Verified’ thousands of collections. Hebys has more than 5690 verified collections today.

3. +18 Button
We have added an explanation to the +18 button to clarify how it works in line with your feedback.

4. Campaign Participation

We have added the “Joined” tag to follow the campaigns you participate in easily.

5. Mobile Responsive
We’ve further improved the look on mobile phones. Our team also continue to develop mobile application.

6. Search Result Performance
We have completed performance updates to eliminate possible lagging issues by developing various improvements in search function calculations.

7. Navigation Bar
We renewed the buttons on the header with a more modern design.

8. Mobile Menu
We launched various improvements in the mobile menu and created submenus.

9. Infinite Scroll
We’ve made your NFT search experience more enjoyable by virtualizing the search result list (virtualized lists) and improving the surf performance on NFTs.

10. Coinbase Wallet
We have integrated with Coinbase wallet. Hebys users have more choices now.

11. Performance
We increased the number of split chunks with the Loadable component structure. Thus, we have enabled the downloading of javascript files if needed.

12. In addition, many more fixes and improvements have been implemented.

Community Activities

Our activities are not limited to software development. We continue to create up-to-date and stable content for followers on social media. In addition, we take place in many events to grow our community.

  1. As you know, we took a break from our live voice chats due to the earthquake in Turkey, where many of our team members are. But now, our live sessions continue on Twitter Spaces every two weeks. In addition, our Turkish sessions happen every Tuesday. Thus, we do at least one AMA every week.
  2. We aimed to keep our community up-to-date on developments in Hebys and to raise awareness of the NFT space. We have shared 87 Twitter posts since December 31, 2022. We also held 11 voice chat sessions during this period.
  3. We published three new posts on our Blog: https://hebys.io/blog
  4. The whitelists of our NFT collection, which will be published soon and contain many advantages, continue to be distributed. Remember to participate in our live sessions and follow us.
  5. Our Twitter followers have approached 40,000. We also have more than 2,300 community members on Discord.
  6. We closed our Telegram channel and invited our followers to Discord.
  7. We continue to increase our interaction with other communities and announce new collaborations. You can follow these developments and access various opportunities through our Discord and Twitter channels.
  8. Hebys qualified for the Final Nominees in the Bold IV competition organized by the Bold Awards. https://bold-awards.com/winners-nominees-bold-iv/

Licensed Digital Collectibles

We recently announced that Licensed Digital Collectibles of well-known brands will be live at Hebys soon. Hebys brings fans and collectors together in the digital world with their favorite brands and individuals. We offer collectors a unique and immersive experience, allowing them to own and trade their favorite digital assets easily. Users can have Licensed Digital Collectibles of many world-famous brands and individuals. Don’t forget to follow our social media channels to stay tuned for big announcements.

How can I buy Licensed Digital Collectibles?

You can buy collectibles on Hebys.io with ‘HEBYS’ token, cryptocurrencies, and credit cards.

What is the ‘HEBYS’ token?

Hebys token is a cryptocurrency. You can get a 10% discount for collections by using HEBYS.

Do items in the collection have a rarity level?

Licensed works on the platform have six different rarity levels, and rarer pieces have fewer minted.

Can I sell my digital collectibles?

As the owner of the digital item, you can sell, gift, or exhibit it as you wish. If you want to sell, all you have to do is to set a price for your item and list it on the Hebys.

What are the benefits of owning digital collectibles?

You own the rights to the digital collectible you buy. In addition, depending on the creator of the item you own, you may also receive some unique benefits. For example, if you own the item of a sports club, the club may want to host you at a sports game or present a signed product as a gift. There may be various benefits that you can establishing close relationships with the person or institution you are a fan of.

Is the NFT I have unique?

Yes, all items released by the official partners of the Hebys are unique. All information on these collectibles created using NFT technology is registered on the blockchain and cannot be changed.



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