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Software Development

Hebys has indexed over 145 million NFTs and over 3.8 million NFT collections. All of these are automatically pulled from the blockchains.

1- 2023 Roadmap
The 2023 Roadmap has been updated. We have planned the developments that will shed light on you and add value to the NFT space. They will be implemented as soon as possible: https://whitepaper.hebys.io/roadmap

  • We will also share our plans for marketing.

2- ML-Based Price Estimation
The first of the parameters we look at when buying and analyzing an NFT is the floor price of the collection. But floor prices don’t really give any info about the NFT we want to buy; it just gives us a minimal idea. We collaborated with NFTBank.io to provide you with real price data. You can access machine learning-based price estimation on almost any Ethereum asset now.

So, you can assess whether an NFT is over or under its real value before you buy it.

3- Portfolio Management with Price Estimation
As you can see in the latest activity reports, we invest heavily in Portfolio Management. Because we want to see our assets in all chains on a single hub, as in crypto exchanges. To make your evaluations more meaningful, we have added the “Est. Price” next to other vital data such as Floor Price and Buy Price.

4- Rarity Rank and Score
Another parameter we look at when purchasing and analyzing an NFT is its “Rarity Rank” and “Rarity Score” within the collection. We’ve teamed up with TraitSniper to bring you this data. You can now see rarity results on the NFT detail page and all search results:


5- OpenSea Integration
Although we try to present a 360-degree data set directly from blockchains, we know that we must provide you with up-to-date and instant sales data in other marketplaces. We have been trying to get an API key from OpenSea for a long time. Now you can follow many data live on Ethereum and other chains offered by OpenSea.

6- Marketplace Integrations

Following OpenSea, we are integrating four more NFT marketplaces (Element.xyz, LooksRare, X2Y2, Kalao). We will probably present the sales data in these marketplaces next month.

7- Ping the Owner

Sometimes we want to reach the NFT owner but we don’t have the related contact information. To meet this need, we collaborated with the Blockscan team, the developer of Etherscan, and integrated the wallet-to-wallet messaging application into Hebys.

8- Blog

We have actively used Medium until today and posted all our content here. From now on, we aim to both create a blockchain/NFT library and be more involved in Google by posting informative content on our own Blog page. However, we will continue to publish our activity reports on Medium.


9- Verified Collections
We checked and “Verified” thousands of NFT collections. We have more than 4800 instantly verified collections.

10 -Press Kit
We have uploaded all our business content to the “Press Kit” page to share the primary sources about our project, such as logo and brand, more efficiently. https://hebys.io/press-kit

11- Multi-Language
In addition to English, we added Spanish and Turkish language options to our website.

12- Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy has been updated to fully protect the privacy of our users and comply with the legislations such as GDPR: https://hebys.io/privacy

13- Mobile Apps
Hebys IOS and Android mobile applications have started to be developed.

14- In addition, many more fixes and improvements have been implemented.

* An example NFT page if you want to check out all developments:

Community Activities

Our activities are not limited to software development. We continue to create up-to-date and stable content for followers on social media. In addition, we take place in many events to grow our community.

1- 15.000 people watched our live broadcast on Binance Live.

2- We have received official acceptance to Alchemy Dapp Store. alchemy.com/dapps/hebys

3- We joined the Chainlink ecosystem. https://www.chainlinkecosystem.com/ecosystem/hebys-nft

4- We joined the Crunchbase.

5- We launched our promotion page on Product Hunt.

6- We talked with lawyer Büşra Altunay about MiCA (The European Commission’s Regulation of Markets in Crypto-Assets) on Twitter Space.

7- We ranked first in the article comparing NFT Search Engines on Blocknity.com

8- Our live sessions continue on Twitter Space every two weeks. In addition, our Turkish sessions for the Turkish community continue on Tuesday every week. Thus, we do at least one AMA every week.

9- We shared 45 Twitter posts from 28 November to 31 December. We aimed to keep our community up-to-date on developments in Hebys and to raise awareness of the NFT space through these tweets. We also held 7 voice chat sessions during this period.

10- We published an annual report as a Medium article: https://hebys.medium.com/hebys-activity-report-85459620f2c3

11- We published 9 new posts on our Blog:










12- The whitelists of our NFT collection, which will be published soon and will contain many advantages, continue to be distributed. Do not forget to participate in our live sessions and follow us.

13- Our Twitter followers have exceeded 8,700. We also have more than 2,500 community members on Discord.

14- We are also increasing interaction with other communities. We announced cooperation with 35 new projects.



HEBYS NFT Search Engine

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