HEBYS NFT Search Engine
4 min readDec 7, 2022



Hebys has indexed over 65 million NFTs and over 1.1 million NFT collections. All of these are automatically pulled from the blockchains.

  1. As the content increased a lot, we needed to develop a filter (NSFW-Not Safe For Working) for inappropriate content. This way, you can make such contents appear ‘blurred’ when searching. You can also report them if we missed.

2. We know that the crypto and blockchain industry, including NFTs, is going through tough times, and we are doing our best to support the crypto community. In this sense, we have developed the infrastructure to manage our campaigns. Our first campaign is on the way. Stay tuned. https://hebys.io/campaigns

3. Terms of participation in our campaigns will be straightforward.

4. You can now filter by chain among 1.1 million collections.

5. There can be thousands of NFTs in a collection. We have introduced filtering by NFT Name or TokenId, making it easier to search among them. Thus, you can immediately find the TokenId you are looking for among tens of thousands of items.

6. One of the vital needs of NFT holders is to see their assets’ values in their wallets, just like in a crypto exchange. The Portfolio page was launched for this purpose and now has a wonderful new look.

7. Can’t see some of your NFTs in your portfolio? No problem. If you click the ‘Refresh My NFT List’ button, your wallet’s missing collections and NFTs will be indexed again. But this process may take some time if the collection is old.

8. We have defined social media links and collection information of many collections for quick access. You can also write what you want to be edited to our support team or Discord admins.

9. It may be necessary to look at a collection’s contract on the blockchain to confirm and check the contract address, date, or transactions. Now, you can directly switch to the page of the contract in the Block Explorer (Etherscan, BSC Scan, Snow Trace, etc.) on the detail page of a collection.

10. Although we try to present a 360-degree data set directly from the blockchains, we know that we must provide you with up-to-date and instant sales data from other marketplaces. We have been trying to get an API key from OpenSea for a long time. We made some developments to extract sales and price data from OpenSea. But since API Key expires, we haven’t launched it yet. When it launches, you can follow much data on Ethereum live.

11. We’ve completed performance improvements to make images load faster, and many other developments have been completed.

Community Activities

Our activities are not limited to software development. We continue to produce up-to-date and informative content on social media. We also participate in many events to grow our community.

  1. Our voice chats now continue on Twitter Spaces every two weeks. In addition, our Turkish chats for the Turkish community start every week on Tuesday. So we’re definitely going to do an AMA every week.
  2. From September 28 to November 28, we shared 55 Twitter posts and published 6 Medium articles.
  3. The whitelists of our NFT collection, which will be published soon and will contain many advantages, continue to be distributed. Do not forget to participate in our live sessions and follow us.
  4. Our Twitter followers have exceeded 9,000. We also have more than 2500 community members on Discord.
  5. We are also increasing our communication with other communities. We announced cooperation with 35 new projects.
  6. We have participated in the “Eurasia Blockchain Summit” and “Istanbul Blockchain Week” with our booth and full team.



HEBYS NFT Search Engine

NFT Search Engine providing data for all NFTs on multiple blockchains, marketplaces and metaverse.