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Hebys NFT Search Engine remains a comprehensive and reliable hub for those who want to explore the NFT space. Visit Hebys to follow everything about NFTs.

Hebys has integrated with ZkSync, one of the most popular chains in the NFT space, with the recent update. The number of chains supported by Hebys has increased to 6 (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom & ZkSync) thanks to this integration.

Today, Hebys NFT Search Engine indexes a total of over 265 million NFTs and over 4.9 million NFT collections. The Hebys developer team also continues to verify leading NFT collections to provide a reliable experience to NFT users. Today, Hebys has 6,700 verified NFT collections.

In addition to its huge database of up to hundreds of millions, Hebys allows different NFT communities to interact. NFT users can discover and engage with millions of NFT collections and communities on leading chains thanks to Hebys’ large database and user-friendly interface.

Hebys has proven that it continues to work steadily with the ZkSync integration. More than 265 million NFT data currently available continues to increase day by day, and to become much more reliable and instantly traceable.



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