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4 min readNov 4, 2022


The most positive feature of humanity is its endless curiosity. We are all curious about something new every day and strive to find information about it. Everything, including a delicious dinner recipe, the price of a car, the planet number in space, and the goals of our favorite football player’s last game, can be on people’s curiosity radar.

Internet and Search Engines

With the development of the internet, replacing book pages with web pages, people began to reach everything they were curious about through search engines. Today, search engines are a type of software used to systematically get the desired information on the web. The primary function of search engines is to quickly gather the data found on the internet and report it to the user.

The first search engine in history, Archie, was founded in 1990 by a college student, Alan Emtage. While Archie was a crucial milestone in internet history, it provided a minimal service only for finding some files. Google, the most comprehensive and used search engine today and has left its mark on the development of the internet, was founded in 1998. Google has become a giant in the search engine field in a short time thanks to indexing the words on the web and making the results more reliable by using data such as the link given by other websites and the number of people connecting to a website.

The internet universe has grown and integrated with our lives in a way that most people did not anticipate 30 years ago. Spending a day without the internet has become something many of us cannot even imagine.

Witness the Evolution of Blockchain and the Growth of NFTs

Today, we have another universe similar to the internet’s evolution and growth: Blockchain. Just like the early years of the internet, the blockchain industry went through its infancy, faced many challenges, and is slowly becoming a more secure, standardized, and the grown universe. Although the primary factor that brought the blockchain industry to the mainstream globally was the popularization of cryptocurrencies since the mid-2010s, the most prominent blockchain-based innovative technology in the last few years is NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

According to NFTGo data, the total NFT market cap was $188 million in February 2021. Just one year later, in January 2022, the NFT market reached a market cap of over $35 billion. In this process, millions of new NFT collections were released on various blockchains, particularly Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon. The innovative potential of NFTs, which offer proof of ownership to users on the blockchain, was soon recognized by different industries. Movie stars like Anthony Hopkins and Quentin Tarantino have released NFT collections, many sports organizations and sports clubs have launched NFT cards, and even Instagram and Facebook have announced that they will enable NFT trading on their platforms. The innovative fire of NFTs has spread to all industries impacting our lives today.

Hebys as an NFT Search Engine

So, while the NFT space is growing, do we have an NFT search engine where we can find the most up-to-date, proper, and detailed information about NFTs? Hebys asked this question before starting its journey in the NFT space and built its innovative vision on this ground. Today, NFT users have a “Google” to access comprehensive market data.

Hebys built its NFT search engine to contain Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom blockchains. The team is also working on the Solana blockchain integration and plans to complete it soon. Today, Hebys NFT search engine has indexed over 65 million NFTs from various chains in its database. This vast database, growing day by day, makes Hebys a unique search engine in the NFT space.

On the other hand, just as we mentioned in the Google example, Hebys offers more than just a huge database. Detailed filtering, classification, and analysis options in the Hebys NFT search engine allow users to display the most up-to-date and proper information. These features contribute to NFT users’ access to accurate facts quickly without getting lost in the database.


As a result, the internet is developing, the blockchain is growing, and our lives are changing. Those who can not adapt to this change miss the boat. You may have missed Google’s innovative vision for the internet as a search engine. However, Hebys presents a similar vision for NFTs and allows you to witness this evolution. Discover the growth of NFT space with Hebys, and don’t miss the boat this time!



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